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Master of Arts in Policy Economics

The theory for the master’s degree program at the Center for Development Economics is based on two assumptions. The first is that a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts and techniques of economic analysis is essential to the understanding of development and to the formulation of good economic policy. The second is that one gains a working knowledge of these concepts and techniques only by applying them to real-life situations. The curriculum, therefore, emphasizes the application of the analytical techniques of economics to studying the process of development in low and middle-income countries.

Graduation Requirements
  • The grade average is based on nine (9) courses: four core fall semester courses; a January Winter Study course; three spring semester core courses and one writing intensive course.
  • As part of the requirements in the writing intensive course, students will prepare policy papers on current issues in their countries.
  • Field trips to major cities for varied conferences and seminars are an integral part of the academic program; attendance and participation are required.
Awarding of the Degree
  • The Master of Arts in Policy Economics degree or the certificate is awarded in June at commencement ceremonies upon successful completion of all requirements.
  • The College does not award a degree or certificate, or release any academic transcripts to anyone with an outstanding financial obligation to the CDE or to the College.
  • All bills must be paid by college established deadlines prior to graduation.

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