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In this table, Peru Alumni welcome Alex Contreras to the proud Williams community (we missed a couple of fellows, but all in all, we promise to keep in permanent contact). From left to right: Saul Paredes (1985), Raul Torres (1978), Jim Carrera (2006), Alex Contreras (2013), Karla Cordova (2012), Cesar Carrera (2004), Tanya Carrera – Cesar’s wife, and Juan Carlos Sosa (2012). (June 2013)
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Williams community Peru


Soulysak Thamnuvong ’04, Laos, writes to announce the birth of his son Sakarine Thamnuvong. (July 2010)
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Thamnuvong baby

International Reunion

Four CDE alumni from the Class of 2005 met at the Australian National University. In the photo are Truong Nguyen (Vietnam), Delwar Hossain (Bangladesh), Trang Truong (Vietnam), and Zulfiqar Hyder (Pakistan). (July 2010) Australia Class of 2005
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Hussain Bin Yaacob, ’94 writes that, “it was good to hear from Pam. It reminds me of those happy moments when we were at CDE.I still remember my first winter there. It was bliss and cold lasted about 3 months. I especially loved seeing my kids playing in the snow in our front yard. Everyone would then huddle around the heater afterwards, cheeks all red, sipping hot chocolate by the window while looking at the snow hitting the pebbles on the ground. I wish to return to those happy days. There were unforgettable too, when we were almost had an accident due to the slippery road on our way to Berkshire Mall. Thank God everyone was safe.

Currently, I am working at the Prime Minister’s Department as a Deputy Director at the Economic Planning Unit. For your information, I now have 7 kids (4 doughters and 3 sons). They’re all grown ups now. The elderst has started working after finishing university, the second one is in her final year at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia and the third is in her second year in University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.The forth and fifth have just starting university in July this year, while the last two are in high school in Putrajaya.”
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South Africa

Mudunwazi Baloyi ’97, South Africa, writes that he is back in South Africa after spending 6 years in Washington, DC at the Embassy of South Africa as its Trade Diplomat. He is now working with Gauteng Economic Development Agency, as its General Manager of Investments, Trade and Projects Facilitation. (July 2010)
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Antonio Thompson ‘04, Barbados, writes that he recently got married and is now working at the Fair Trading Commission. (July 2010)
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Grace Staurt Ndyareeba ‘ 95 writes “It always gives me pride to be associated with Williams College. Whenever I make presentations at International seminars / workshops I reflect on the long reading hours of CDE, my only regret is that I missed Prof.Bruton’s direct words of “searching and learning”, The class of 95 missed him as he had retired.
Lastly,to update the Alumni about my family, the two younger sons Benjamin and Lionel Ndyareeba that were with me at CDE are now grown ups. Benjamin is a fourth year Telecommuincation Engineering student at Univesity of Cape Town South Africa while Lionel is in his first year at the same University studying Civil Engineering. I was also promoted to the rank of Deputy Director incharge of Financial sector stability at the Bank of Uganda.”
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Kenneth K.Y. See (‘81), has written to let us know the following: “Ramon K. Katigbak (‘67) passed away recently in the U.S. at the age of 70. A life-long intellectual, academic, author, public servant, and free spirit, Jun, holder of a B.A. Humanities (Honors) degree, obtained a Ph.D (Economics) and D.B.A. in addition to his two M.A.s (Fordham, Williams).
His government service spanned economic planning and public finance and his athletic interests included cars (which cost him an eye) and cross-country jogging. During his stint (1978-82) as Chair of his alma mater’s Economics Department, Jun was elected President of the Philippine Economics Society.”
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Abdullah Suhaimin Md Yunus, ’97, writes “After graduating from CDE, I was posted back to Economic Planning Unit and in 2004 I was posted to Ministry of education and after two years, I moved to Treasury until now.  Nur Auni, my eldest child, is now in Penn State studying BioTech. Azim, is in college doing mechanical Engineering, Asilah she has just finished her form 5 and waiting to further her study in one of the local college while Amin the youngest he is in form 4 studying in one of the boarding school. While my other half, Norasma is always busy with her housework and we will only be able to meet our childrens during school holidays.  Looking forward to hear from you soon.”
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