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Conf Historical Persistence in Comparative Development Conference

henry bruton The passing of Professor Henry Bruton

Meet the Class of 2015: 30 students from 22 different countries

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Extracurricular Activities

skiThe pace of life at the CDE is brisk but we and Williams strive to maximize personal growth and development in fellows by providing a variety of opportunities for involvement, service, and leadership in extracurricular activities. Fellows usually participate in the intramural soccer league in the fall and spring by either joining an existing team or forming their own CDE team. Other intramural sports activities are also available.

Fellows can also join physical education classes as their schedule permits and the full athletic facilities of the College are available for their use.

CDE Activities

hikingThe CDE sponsors a variety of outings and activities that CDE fellows have traditionally participated in. Some of these activities include undergraduates, and some tend to be centered around the graduate fellows. These usually include:

  • Cross country skiing
  • Hiking
  • Bowling
  • Football/Soccer
  • Movies
  • Pot Luck party
  • Informal gatherings
Other opportunities


In addition, fellows have volunteered at the public schools or the College by tutoring students in various subjects, often serving a person who speaks the same language. The ability to join in activities is limited only by time constraints and personal preference.

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