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Conf Historical Persistence in Comparative Development Conference

henry bruton The passing of Professor Henry Bruton

Meet the Class of 2015: 30 students from 22 different countries

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A Group of Diversity and Excellence

The CDE is proud to count more than 1300 alumni representing 110 countries among its elite group of graduates receiving the Master of Arts in Development Economics (1961 through 2008) or Master of Arts in Policy Economics (since 2009). The program which has spanned more than 50 years, is proud of the number of alumni who are still actively engaged in development work either in their home country, in another developing country, or for an international development agency.
The CDE is also proud to include among its alumni: prime ministers, ambassadors, governors of central banks, and numerous ministers, deputy ministers, permanent secretaries, and leaders of government agencies and financial institutions.

The Class of 2015: 30 fellows from 22 different countries

Albino John Ajack Alejandro Galoppo Syed Ali Bin Hassan Balthazar Nganikiye
South Sudan Bolivia Bangladesh Burundi
Bank of South Sudan Ministry of Planning and Development Planning Comission Central Bank of Burundi
Belisti Adugna Kebie Birendra Budha Brenda Nantumbwe Chisomo Tsonga
Ethiopia Nepal Uganda Malawi
Minstry of Finance and Economic Development, Gambella Regional State Nepal Rastra Bank Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development Ministry of Finance
Cuong Minh Nguyen Daniela Bilbao Martinez Diala AlMasri Jane Mbughi
Vietnam Bolivia Lebanon Malawi
Center for Agricultural Policy Authority of Electricity World Youth Alliance Ministry of Lands and Housing
Justine Ayebare Krishani Withanage Mandambolantiana Rakotomanana Mercy Machisa Kadungure
Uganda Sri Lanka Madagascar Zimbabwe
Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development Ministry of Finance Central Bank of Madagascar Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Tchenga Wanchi Micheal Kimbi Mirjana Popovic Reno Joseph Cantre Sameer Khailah
Cameroon Bosnia and Herzegovina Philippines Yemen
Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development Ministry of Finance, Republic of Srpska National Economic and Development Authority Central Bank of Yemen
Selarath Chum Sorphea Yong Stephen Lukwago Thao Phuong Le
Cambodia Cambodia Uganda Vietnam
National Bank of Cambodia Ministry of Economy and Finance Bank of Uganda State Bank of Vietnam
Byambatsogt Tserendejid Vangile Dlamini Venancio Mzonda Wazir Khan Virk
Mongolia Swaziland Malawi Pakistan
Bank of Mongolia Ministry of Economic Planning and Development Ministry of Economic Planning and Development Lahore Development Authority
Yasmin Portillo Chang Yvette Christine Herrera
Guatemala Philippines
Superintendency of Tax Administration Department of Finance

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