Fellows can access advisors for both academic and personal reasons.

  • Each CDE fellow will be assigned an academic advisor from among the faculty who teach at the CDE. The advisor will be available to consult about any academically related issue. All professors hold regular office hours and are also available, by appointment, at other times to meet with individual fellows.
  • Teaching Assistants are assigned to certain courses to provide study sessions and to offer assistance with homework assignments and examination preparation.
  • Each CDE fellow is assigned a writing tutor to provide assistance with written assignments. A walk-in Writing Workshop also operates at the College to offer assistance with any writing assignments, without an appointment.
  • Tutors in a particular subject are arranged as needed or requested by individual fellows.
  • Advisors and professors are good resources for other concerns as well. Staff members including the Director, Assistant Director, and Administrative Coordinator have offices in the CDE building and are available on a daily basis for consultation, discussion, and problem solving. In addition, the CDE fellows are invited to consult the Dean of the College for any concerns they may have.
  • Counselors are available at the College to assist fellows in adjusting to and coping with the rigors of graduate study and cultural differences at both the Chaplain’s Office and the Health Center.

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