Admissions portal to the 2023-2024 class is now closed. Please check back in September 2023 for applications for the 2024-25 academic year.  

Before You Apply

Please read through all information on this page before completing the Application so that you are aware of all requirements of the admission process.

Admission to the MA in Policy Economics program at the Williams College Center for Development Economics (CDE) is very competitive. Each year there are many more applicants than available places. Selection is based not only on specific high qualifications (see below), but also on who would benefit most from the program. In addition, interview results and at least one reference are important factors.

Candidates are expected to secure their own financial support for studies at the CDE. Candidates should first explore the possibility of training funds from their employer or government. The CDE will work with individual governments and sponsoring agencies to assist in this process whenever possible. Scholarship funds are also available directly from Williams College. All admitted applicants are considered for these scholarships.


Supporting Documents and Forms

(To be uploaded with the ONLINE APPLICATION)

Reference Letter

(To be submitted by a referee)

Important Information


• Certificates from professional training courses (include information on your CV)
• Transcripts from secondary or primary school


• Original hard copy documents may be requested at a later date
• Incomplete applications will not be processed
• The decisions of the CDE Admissions Committee are final and confidential

Frequently Asked Questions