CDE Conference 2017

Climate Change and Development Policy

Williams College Center for Development Economics

April 13 and 14, 2017, Williamstown, MA

All events open to the public. Password protected videos of the talks can be found on Vimeo (click on talk titles). CDE 2017: Climate Change & Development Policy Vimeo Album.

 [Download Printable Conference Schedule Here]

Thursday, April 13
Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall

8:00 PM: Catherine Wolfram, UC Berkeley, “Energy Use in the Developing World: Perspectives from Kenya and India”

Friday, April 14
Griffin Hall, Room 3

9:00 AM: Gil Beltran, Undersecretary and Chief Economist, Department of Finance, Republic of the Philippines, “Perspectives from the Most Vulnerable”

9:45 AM: Susmita Dasgupta, World Bank, “Urban Flooding of Greater Dhaka in a Changing Climate: Building Local Resilience to Disaster Risk

10:30 AM: Coffee Break

10:45 AM: Vijayendra Rao, World Bank, “Can Communities Be Made More Resilient to Climate Change? Evidence from Hurricane Phailin in India”

11:30 AM: Douglas Gollin, Oxford University, “Climate Change and Agriculture in the Developing World: Technology, Adaptation, and Risk Management”

12:15 PM: Lunch Break

1:45 PM: Kelsey Jack, Tufts University, “Income and Climate Change: Where Mitigation and Adaptation Collide”

2:30 PM: Ujjayant Chakravorty, Tufts University, “Can China Meet Its Paris Clean Energy Commitments? Preliminary Evidence from an Economic Model”

3:15 PM: Coffee Break

3:30 PM: Nancy Birdsall, Center for Global Development, “Climate Finance: Why the World Bank Does Too Little and What’s Needed to Ensure it Does More”

4:15 PM: Michael Gerrard, Columbia Law School and Earth Institute, “Global Climate Action in the Age of Trump”