CDE Conference 2019

Gender and Development

Williams College Center for Development Economics

April 4 and 5, 2019, Williamstown, MA

All events open to the public.

Thursday, April 4
Griffin Hall, Room 3

8:00 PM: Rohini Pande, Harvard University, “Women and Work: The Role of Norms.”

Friday, April 5
Griffin Hall, Room 3

9:00 AM: S. Ankruti, Boston College/Harvard University, “Fertility and Sex-Selective Abortion in India.”

9:45 AM: Yana van der Meulen Rodgers, Rutgers University, “Impact of Funding Cuts and Legal Restrictions on Global Abortion Rates: New Empirical Estimates.”

10:30 AM: Coffee Break

10:45 AM: Nidhiya Menon, Brandeis University, “Influences on the Health of Young Girls in Developing Countries: Evidence from History, Season of Birth, and Famine.”

11:30 AM: Rebecca Thornton, University of Illinois, “Inequalities in Education: What Do the Data Say?”

12:15 PM: Lunch Break

1:45 PM: Rachel Heath, University of Washington, “Garment Jobs Can Be Good for Women. Can Policy Make Them Even Better?.”

2:30 PM: Mayra Buvinic, The Center for Global Development, “Women’s Economic Empowerment: What Works and What Should We Measure.”

3:15 PM: Coffee Break

3:30 PM: Pierre Richard Agenor, University of Manchester, “Gender Equality and Economic Growth: Some Theoretical Developments and Policy Implications.”