Events and Conferences

Events and Conferences

Deep Engagement, Cutting Edge Research

Noted speakers are invited to the CDE to present public lectures and to conduct in-class seminars on topics related to the problems faced by developing countries. These lectures offer a unique opportunity for CDE fellows to interact with major policymakers in the field of economic development. The small class size gives each student access to the speaker and allows a meaningful exchange of ideas.

In addition to seminars, which follow the typical lecture format, the CDE also hosts Development Dialogues, a lunch series intended to facilitate interactive dialogue with policymakers, academics, fellows, and undergraduates.


2024 Conference

Health and Development: Micro and Macro |  April 11-12, 2024
A two-day conference presenting a broad range of perspectives on issues pertaining to health and development.

(Schedule and Speaker Lineup are to be announced in late Jan, 2024)

Professional Development Teas

9/18/23 Andrew Powell Williams College Sudden Stops During COVID: The Dog that Didn’t Bark
10/9/23 Anna Gelpern Georgetown Law, Washington DC Current Challenges for Debt Restructuring in Developing Countries
10/23/23 Andrew Powell Williams College Commodity Markets: A Primer and Review
11/13/23 Eric Parrado Inter American Development Bank, Chief Economist Managing Natural Resources Revenues
11/27/23 Samuel Berlinski Inter American Development Bank, Chief Economist Health Inequality in Latin America and Caribbean
12/04/23 Andrew Powell Williams College Multilateral Financing: Squeezing More Toothpaste from the Tube


Samuel Berlinski: Impact evaluation of social policies

Principal Economist at the Research Department of the Inter-American Development Bank, Dr. Berlinksi works on education, health and labor markets with a focus on policy development and implementation.

Eric Parrado: Managing Natural Resources Revenues

Eric Parrado is known for his expertise in finance and public policy. Serving as the Chief Economist and General Manager of the Research Department at the Inter-American Development Bank, Parrado’s research and insights greatly impact economic development and financial stability in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Andrew Powell: Commodity Markets: A Primer and Review

Andrew Powell is renown for his contributions to Latin American economic policy and development. His work influences economic strategies in the region, fostering sustainable growth and stability. His insights play a pivotal role in shaping economic discourse and policy implementation.

Jessica Leight is speaking at a CDE Public Event
Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz is speaking at the CDE Convention
A female speaker is speaking in front of a lecture screen during a CDE Public Event
Ralph Chami is speaking at a CDE Public Event

Past Guest Speakers

Pierre-Richard Agenor, University of Manchester

Fakhruddin Ahmed, CDE ’71, former Chief Adviser of Bangladesh and former Governor of Bangladesh Bank

Oliver Babson, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Nancy Birdsall, Center for Global Development

Olivier Blanchard, International Monetary Fund

Stijn Claessens, International Monetary Fund

Angus Deaton, Princeton University and Nobel Prize Recipient

Karen Dynan, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and Chief Economist of the United States Department of the Treasury

Solomon Hsiang, University of California Berkeley

Ishrat Husain, CDE ’72, former Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan

Michael Kremer, Harvard University

Eteri Kvintradze, CDE ’99, International Monetary Fund

Guillermo Ortiz, Banorte, formerly Banco Central de Mexico

Dani Rodrik, Harvard University

Andrew Steer, World Resources Institute

Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University

Gary Teves, CDE ’68, former Secretary of the Department of Finance of the Philippines

Goh Chok Tong, CDE ’67, former Prime Minister of Singapore

David Weil, Brown University