Tackling Global Poverty

Tackling Global Poverty

Thursday, April 7, 2016

4:00PM – 5:30 PM Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University and Earth Institute (by videoconference).  Have policy innovations coordinated by the Millennium Development Goals succeeded in tackling the problem of global poverty?

Panel:  Angus Deaton (Princeton University), John Hoddinott (Cornell University), Oliver Babson (Gates Foundation)

8:00 PM,  Angus Deaton, Princeton University.  Why is it so hard to measure global poverty, and why can’t we end it by "finding out what works”?

Friday, April 8, 2016

9 – 10:30 AM What innovative policies and approaches have proved most effective at tackling global poverty?

Presenters:  Fred Ssewamala (Columbia University), Jessica Leight (Williams College), Oliver Babson (Gates Foundation), Diego Angemi (UNICEF).

11 AM – 12:30 PM How are evidence-building methodologies supporting (or hindering) global progress in tackling poverty?  

Presenters:  John Hoddinott (Cornell University, previously IFPRI), Lucie Cluver (Oxford University, by videoconference), Frank De Giovanni (Ford Foundation),  Susan Godlonton (Williams College)

2 – 4 PM Tackling global poverty: building better evidence for the future.

Panel:  Angus Deaton (Princeton University), Frank DeGiovanni (Ford Foundation), Jessica Leight (Williams College), Jason Wolfe (USAID), Tara Watson (Williams College and US Treasury)