Funding Overview

Your search begins here. In recent years 100% of CDE students have received full or partial scholarships or training funds to support their studies. This funding has come from home governments or employers, international scholarship providers, or directly from Williams College. In most cases, students are expected to use personal resources to fund only a small part of their total expenses.

There are several international scholarships noted below, but this is not an exhaustive list. We encourage you to apply to any scholarship program for which you are eligible. Please be aware that there is a substantial lead-time for some of these programs. It can take as long as 12-18 months for the application procedure. You should plan accordingly and start the application process well in advance of your intended studies at the CDE.

All students admitted to the MA in Policy Economics program are considered for scholarships directly from Williams College—no separate application is required. Priority for Williams College funding is given to those who have actively sought third party funding.


Worldwide Scholarships

Scholarships for Women

Regional Scholarships

Cost Sheet

Important Note: You are required to certify adequate funding for the cost of your participation in the MA Program at the Center for Development Economics at Williams College. Please consider the following cost estimates as the minimum amount of funding required.

The visa process cannot be initiated until complete documentation of funding has been received by the CDE office.

Payable by Sponsor to Williams College Upon Enrollment, 2024-2025 academic year

Tuition and Fees $69,000
Room in College Building1 $9,400
Meal Plan2 $9,200
Medical Insurance3 $2,883
Minimum for Add'l Living Expenses 4 $1,500

1. Required of all CDE fellows.
2. Required of all CDE fellows. Meal plan is 20 meals a week while in session.
3. Required of all CDE fellows, including mandatory repatriation coverage.
4. Estimated at $150/month for 10 months (supplies, cell phone service, toiletries, meals during break periods). 

Total Resources Required for U.S. Visa Certification: $90,483.
Totals shown are minimum amounts required by Williams College for U.S. visa certification.

Travel expenses ARE NOT included in this estimate.