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There are a variety of documents, websites and forms that you may find helpful (or required) during your stay at the CDE. If you have a document that might be useful to you colleagues, please suggest it for posting here.

  • Download local bus schedules & routes from (Berkshire Regional Transit Authority). Bus route 3 regularly takes students to North Adams, making a stop at Stop & Shop (grocery store). Wal-Mart (discount general store) and Berkshire Health North (North Adams) can be reached by taking route 3 to route 34 in North Adams. Other information can be found on Bus With Us.
  • Local banks in Williamstown (checking accounts, debit cards, online banking):
  • When classes are in session, a College shuttle service runs from campus to key shopping locations: Stop & Shop (grocery store), Wal-Mart (discount general store), and the local shopping mall. It runs weekly on Fridays and Saturdays. View the schedule here.
  • Driving in Massachusetts
    • You must hold a valid driver’s license (issued by any of the 50 states) to drive (or rent) a car in Massachusetts. Massachusetts also honors driver’s licenses issued in many (but not all) foreign countries. Permits are available, for a fee, from certain automobile associations but can only be issued in the country the applicant is coming from. For complete information on rules regarding driving on a foreign license, including a list of countries from which Massachusetts will honor a license, go to Appendix A on the state government website.
    • An international driver’s permit is not a driver’s license on its own – it is only an English translation of your home driver’s license. If you wish to drive using your home license but it is not printed in English, it is recommended that you obtain an international driver’s permit before leaving your home country. Otherwise, this document is not necessary.
    • If your home country’s license is NOT recognized in Massachusetts and you want to drive, you will be required to obtain a local license. This involves both a written exam and a road test, as specified on the Registry of Motor Vehicles website.
  • Williams College subscribes to a service called ZipCar. As a Williams College student, you can become a member of ZipCar for a yearly fee. You will then have access to four ZipCars located on campus that can be rented by the hour or by the day. Please note that ZipCar requires, in addition to holding a license valid in Massachusetts, that you furnish a copy of your driving record, which you should obtain before departing your home country. Click here for directions on where to submit the required documents.

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