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researchThe Research Memoranda are a series of papers written by members of the Department of Economics on topics pertaining to the economics of less developed countries.

1984-1998 Research Memoranda
RM-157 Henry J. Bruton and David Fairris, “Work and Development,” November 1998.
RM-156 Henry J. Bruton, “A Reconsideration of Import Substitution,” in Journal of Economic Literature, Vol XXXVI (June 1998), pp. 903-936.
RM-155 Michael Samson, “Credit Subsidies, Financial Repression, and the High Inflation/Low Income Trap,” September, 1996.
RM-154 Richard Sabot, “Human Capital Accumulation and Development Strategy,” March 1996.
RM-153 Vijayendra Rao and Margaret E. Greene, “Bargaining and Fertility in Brazil: A Qualitative and Econometric Analysis,” February, 1996.
RM-152 Ralph Bradburd, “Regulatory Rigidity: Causes, Consequences and Implications For Public Policy in Developing Countries, February, 1996.
RM-151 Ralph Bradburd and Brian Levy, “Zimbabwe’s New Entrepreneurs: An Emerging Success Story,” February, 1996.
RM-150 John Sheahan, “Effects of Adjustment Programs on Poverty and on Autonomy: Chile, Mexico, and Peru,” January, 1996.
RM-149 Francis Bloch and Vijayendra Rao, “Domestic Violence as a Bargaining Instrument in Rural India,” November, 1995.
RM-148 Nancy Birdsall, Thomas C. Pinckney, and Richard Sabot, “Inequality, Savings and Growth,” November, 1995.
RM-147 Jere R. Behrman, Shahrukh Khan, David R. Ross, and Richard Sabot, “Low Schooling and Large Schooling Gender Gaps in Pakistan: Market Failure? Policy Failure?” April, 1995.
RM-146 Young-Bum Park, David R. Ross, and Richard Sabot, “Educational Expansion and the Inequality of Pay in Brazil and Korea,” April, 1995.
RM-145 Harold Aldermen, Jere R. Behrman, Shahrukh Khan, David R. Ross, and Richard Sabot, “Public Schooling Expenditures in Rural Pakistan: Efficiently Tarketing Girls and a Lagging Region,” April, 1995.
RM-144 William K. Jaeger, “Developing Countries and the Net Welfare Cost of a Global Carbon Tax,” March, 1995
RM-143 Vijayendra Rao, “Wife-beating in a Rural South Indian Community: An Statistical and Ethnographic Case-Study of Its Causes and Its Effect on Caloric Allocations to Children,” March, 1995.
RM-142 Nancy Birdsall, David Ross, and Richard Sabot, “Inequality and Growth Reconsidered,” February 1995
RM-141 Harold Alderman, Jere R. Behrman, David R. Ross, and Richard Sabot, “The Returns to Endogenous Human Capital in Pakistan’s Rural Wage Labor Market,” November, 1994.
RM-140 Jere R. Behrman, David Ross, Richard Sabot, Matthew Tropp, “Improving The Quality Versus Increasing the Quantity of Schooling,” May, 1994.
RM-139 Henry J. Bruton, “Total Factor Productivity Growth,” February, 1995.
RM-138 Nguyuru H.I. Lipumba, “Structural Adjustment Policies and Economic Performance of African Countries,” October, 1994.
RM-137 Sandeep H. Patel, Thomas C. Pinckney and William K. Jaeger, “Smallholder Wood Production and Population Pressures in East Africa: Evidence of an Environmental Kuznets Curve?” December, 1993.
RM-136 Henry J. Bruton, “Asian Lessons for African Development,” October, 1993.
RM-135 John Sheahan, “Peru’s Return Toward an Open Economy: Macroeconomic Complications and Structural Questions,” June, 1993.
RM-134 Jere R. Behrman and Ryan Schneider, “Where Does Brazil Fit? Brazilian Schooling Investments in an International Perspective,” July, 1991.
RM-133 Jere R. Behrman, “Human Capital: An International Perspective on Bolivian Performance and Policy Options,” July, 1991.
RM-132 Jere R. Behrman and Chalongphob Sussangkarn, “Do The More Wealthy Save Less?” June, 1991.
RM-131 Jere R. Behrman and Robert Moffitt, “Framework for Analysis of Female Paid Labor Supply in Islamic Emena Countries,” May, 1991.
RM-130 Jere R. Behrman and Ryan Schneider, “Thai Schooling Investments in an International Perspective,” May, 1991.
RM-129 Jere R. Behrman, “Investing in Female Education for Development: Women in Development Strategy for the 1990’s in Asia and the Near East,” May, 1991.
RM-128 Jere Behrman, Nancy Birdsall and Anil Deolaikar, “Marriage Markets, Labor Markets and Unobserved Human Capital: An Empirical Exploration for South-Central India,” May, 1991.
RM-127 Jere R. Behrman and Ryan Schneider, “Bolivian Schooling Investments in an International Perspective: Where Does Bolivia Fit?” May, 1991.
RM-126 Henry Bruton and Catherine Hill, “The Development Impact of Counterpart Funds: A Review of the Literature,” May, 1991.
RM-125 Catherine B. Hill, “A Precautionary Demand for Savings and Tests of the Permanent Income Hypothesis in Botswana,” January, 1991.
RM-124 Jere R. Behrman and Mathana Phananiramai, “Thai Morbidity Determinants by Age Groups and Conditional Projections to the Year 2010,” (original December, 1990) Revised July, 1991.
RM-123 William K. Jaeger, “The Causes and Extent of Africa’s Food Crisis,” December, 1990.
RM-122** John Wakeman-Linn, “International Insurance for Developing Country Debt: A Natural Successor to the Brady Plan?” July, 1990.
RM-121** Henry J. Bruton, “Import Substitution,” July, 1990.
RM-120 David M. Kemme and Robert S. Whitesell, “Industrial Growth and Efficiency in Eastern Europe,” April, 1990.
RM-119 John Sheahan, “Reducing Poverty in Latin America: Markets, Democracy, and Social Change,” March, 1990.
RM-118 Catherine B. Hill, “Commodity Booms in Botswana and the Permanent Income Hypothesis,” February, 1990.
RM-117 Thomas C. Pinckney, “The Multiple Effects of Procurement Price on Production and Procurement of Wheat in Pakistan,” February, 1990..
RM-116 Henry J. Bruton, “Protection and Development,” July, 1989.
RM-115 Brian Levy, “Industrial Interests and the Structure of Protection in Less Developed Countries: Some Evidence from Brazil,” July, 1989.
RM-114 Brian Levy, “Export Traders, Market Development, and Industrial Expansion,” March, 1989.
RM-113 Robert S. Whitesell, “Why Does the Soviet Economy Appear to Be Allocatively Efficient?” December, 1988.
RM-112 Brian Levy, “Transactions Costs, the Size of Firms and Industrial Policy: Lessons from A Comparative Case Study of the Footwear Industry in Korea and Taiwan,” December, 1988.
RM-111 Henry J. Bruton, “The United States and the Less Developed Countries in the 1990s”, November, 1988.
RM-110** Brian Levy, “Korean and Taiwanese Firms as International Competitors: The Challenges Ahead,” September, 1988.
RM-109 Humberto Barreto and Robert Whitesell, “Estimation of Output Loss from Allocative Inefficiency: Comparison of the Soviet Union and the U.S.”, April, 1988.
RM-108 A. Gelb, J. B. Knight and R. H. Sabot, “Lewis Through a Looking Glass: Public Sector Employment, Rent-Seeking and Economic Growth,” January, 1988.
RM-107 Stephen R. Lewis, Jr., “Economic Realities in Southern Africa: One Hundred Million Futures,” in C. Bryant, ed., Poverty, Policy, and Food Security in Southern Africa (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1988), pp. 39-92.
RM-106 Brian Levy, “Foreign Aid in the Making of Economic Policy in Sri Lanka, 1977-1983,” March, 1987.
RM-105 Brian Levy, “The Determinants of Manufacturing Ownership in Less Developed Countries: A Comparative Analysis,” November 1986.
RM-104 J.B. Knight and R.H. Sabot, “Educational Policy and Labor Productivity: An Output Accounting Exercise,” October, 1985.
RM-103 Stephen R. Lewis, Jr., “Africa’s Development and the World Economy,” September, 1985.
RM-102 Amartya Sen, “Property and Hunger,” August, 1985.
RM-101 Lee J. Alston and Joseph P. Ferrie, “The Use of In-Kind Benefits in Agriculture: A Synthesis and Test,” July, 1985.
RM-100 Brian Levy, “The State-owned Enterprise as an Entrepreneurial Substitute in Developing Countries: The Case of Nitrogen Fertilizer,” June, 1985.
RM-99 J. Armitage and R. H. Sabot, “Efficiency and Equity Implications of Subsidies of Secondary Education in Kenya,” January, 1985.
RM-98 Morton Owen Schapiro, “Economic Development and Population Growth: Implications from a Model of U.S. Demographic History,” January, 1985.
RM-97 John Sheahan, “Economic Policies and the Prospects for Successful Transition From Authoritarianism in Latin America”, January, 1985.
RM-96** S. R. Lewis, Jr. and D. N. Mokgethi, “Fiscal Policy in Botswana, 1966-82” in Botswana’s Economy since Independence (New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. Limited, 1983).
RM-95** Brian Levy, “The Perils of Partnership: Dow in Korea,” chapter 4 in Karl Moskowitz, ed., From Patron to Partner: The Development of U.S.-Korean Business and Trade Relations (Lexington: Lexington Books, 1984).
RM-94; Gordon C. Winston, “The Utilization of Capital in Developing Countries: A Survey of Empirical Estimates,” October, 1984.
RM-93** Stephen R. Lewis, Jr., Taxation for Development, Oxford University Press, 1984 (available only through the publisher).
RM-92** Stephen R. Lewis, Jr., “The Impact of Shashe Project on Botswana’s Economy” in C. Harvey, Ed., Papers on the Economy of Botswana, 1981.
RM-91 Brian Levy, “A Theory of Public Enterprise Behavior,” September, 1984.
RM-90 j Paul G. Clark, “The Policy Environment for Egyptian Industry,” July, 1984.
RM-89 John Sheahan, “The Elusive Balance Between Stimulation and Constraint in Analysis of Development,” July, 1984.

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