Learning for Action, Learning for Change

The 10-month, intensive MA program in Policy Economics (MaPE) at the Center for Development Economics (CDE) at Williams College trains participants to understand the development process more deeply and to formulate thoughtful economic policies. Designed for public sector economists from low- and middle-income countries who already have practical experience, the program equips graduates with flexible analytical skills (using economics as the core discipline). Practice-oriented courses expand students' knowledge of complex development challenges and teach them to identify practical solutions. When returning to their home countries, CDE graduates are prepared to think, write, and speak like rising policymakers.

Why Choose MaPE from Williams CDE?




  • The CDE program is an integral part of Williams College, a leader in U.S. higher education since 1793, able to attract excellent professors and maintain first-rate facilities, while situated in a small, supportive academic community.

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